The State of California, through the Department of General Services (“State”), is selling approximately 81 acres (“Sale Property”) in the City of San Jose. The California Legislature authorized the disposition of the Sale Property, formerly used as the East Campus of Agnews Developmental Center, through Senate Bill 136 of 2009. Its unique size and location makes the Sale Property ideally suited for a major corporate user seeking a significant presence in the heart of Silicon Valley.

In accordance with Government Code Section 11011.1, the State has previously posted notice to local governmental agencies that the property would be first available to eligible agencies at fair market value, as established by a State-approved appraisal. The time period for executing an agreement with such agencies prior to selling the Sale Property to a private buyer has expired.

The State considers the Sale Property of statewide interest in furthering the economic vitality of the region and state.

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit Letters of Interest and Offers from single entities or an organized team of users/developers interested (“Interested Party(ies)”) in making a bona fide offer to purchase the Sale Property for the highest return to the State. In assessing the return to the State, proposals will be considered in terms of the purchase price, as well as the longer-term economic benefits of permanent jobs. Therefore, the State will select the Letter of Interest/Offer that, in the sole and absolute discretion of the State, best balances the purchase price, permanent job creation, and the likelihood of satisfying all conditions for closing escrow. The State will favor large employers, and entertain terms and conditions necessary to facilitate such a use.

It is the State’s practice in disposing of its surplus real property to work with a buyer at securing land use entitlements prior to closing escrow. Within two miles of the property, the State has previously worked with corporate users and developers to secure general plan amendments and other entitlements for the development of approximately 4.3 million square feet of office space, as well as 180 acres for development of a mixed use project that included over 2,200 units of housing, a supermarket and retail shopping area, and community facilities.

The Sale Property is being sold “as is” except for conditions that may be negotiated.

The State will conduct an informational meeting at 11:00 A.M. on October 3, 2013, in the auditorium located on the Sale Property. Interested Parties are further invited to submit written questions to prior to November 13, 2013, which will be posted without attribution along with the State’s answers on this webpage under “Questions”.