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Electrical supervision will deploy two during the safe and stable work


The State Electricity Regulatory Commission recently to the new year and Spring Festival period, stable safety and other related work notice, requiring conscientiously implement the office of the state office during the 2012 New Year's day and Spring Festival to inform the relevant work requirements, implement the responsibility to refine the program, strengthen supervision, maintain security and stability of power system to ensure the force situation, spend a happy and peaceful, Christmas holiday. Notification requirements, units should further strengthen the power safety supervision work during the festival, to strengthen the work of safety production in electric power enterprise local guidance and supervision and inspection, to carry out safety inspection, to ensure the implementation of the measures in place. Do a good job in pre production safety hazards investigation and rectification work, focusing on solving the problems and weaknesses in the production safety, to prevent and curb the occurrence of major accidents. To further strengthen the emergency management of power, for the holiday approaching large-scale cultural and tourism, entertainment, commerce and transportation activities increased, heavy task and frequent harsh winter weather characteristics, strengthen the power safety emergency forecasting and early warning, sound power emergency coordination linkage mechanism, and urge enterprises to improve all kinds of special emergency plans, to ensure that during the two crowded places and other important users of power supply reliability. To strengthen the supervision of power information network security, to ensure the safety of electric power information network. All dispatched agencies shall strictly implement the system of submitting information for electric power emergency safety incidents, and implement the responsibility for information reporting. The circular pointed out that all units should conscientiously implement the central government on the strengthening and innovation of social management of the deployment and requirements, strict implementation of the maintenance of social stability responsibility system to ensure social harmony and stability during the holiday season. The further development of social stability risk assessment and investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes, clearly the responsibility of units and leadership, specifically responsible and resolve time, earnestly petition work, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. Arrangements for 12398 people on duty, to ensure that people are ready to answer, timely processing, reply, properly handle the masses letter. The circular stressed that the units should further improve the emergency response plan, the implementation of emergency work force, actively and steadily respond to various emergencies. To adhere to the 24 hours on duty and leadership with a class system, strictly implement the responsibility system, to ensure the normal operation of the work during the holiday.

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