US Traveler San Marino 4-piece Luggage Collection Review

I was in search of a luggage collection that would fit all my needs and come with great quality. I ordered 2 sets of the US Traveler San Marino 4-piece Luggage Collection, including one for me and one for my husband. I found that this luggage set is of totally amazing quality and would say that it’s definitely worth the price. The main thing I expected was that it should have reinforced edges and should be durable. The luggage collection has a warranty and I am sure that it will last for a long time. The luggage has handles on all sides and it is convenient while packing. The stuff can also be picked easily when we need and it does not take much time to search through the bags.
The US Traveler San Marino 4-piece Luggage Collection has enough pockets to put all the stuff including my shoes, clothes, and jewelry, make up stuff, mobile phone and things necessary while travel. My husband and father were very happy with my choice and they appreciated for having chosen such a nice product. The other thing that I am happy about this bag is its appearance and the edges with contrasting colors which makes it easy to recognize the bags.

I was sick of using my old luggage bags which were difficult to spot out in groups of luggage while travelling especially in airports which made me buy this amazing collection which are unique and attractive colors. The package of affordable cost and is very sturdy and comfortable to use. The bags are also adjustable and expandable and have got enough room to hold all my travel stuff and clothes.

The US Traveler San Marino 4-piece Luggage Collection is a superb option for picnic and weekend trips along with friends or family members. I used it once for going on a trip to New York and was helpful and easy to carry in the airport. The colors I choose were bright and I was able to recognize them easily among lot of other luggage of fellow passengers. I am happy about the purchase and all the features such as the material, the roll on wheelers, the sturdy handles, the smooth and easy going zippers and the compartments organization.

The zippers are expandable and open up wide so that we can take the stuff we need easily. There is also an add-a-bag feature while helps to add an extra baggage with it. The deep pockets to hold my shoes and a mesh with zippers for holding my socks are a superb design for carrying my shoes and socks while travelling. The laundry feature to hold the dirty clothes is also a smart design. Overall I will give an A grade to this US Traveler San Marino 4-piece Luggage Collection and would recommend it for people who travel a lot, although the reason it was so easy was due to my cheap and easy travel luggage.